February 26th, 2017: Waking Up [poetry]

We don’t wake up to blue skies.

Church makes me feel naked, but God is dead cold.

I wouldn’t want to have children in this weather.

Cups of coffee topple from boredom.

Waking up into another dream.

Shivering beneath this great wave.

She’ll learn to skate one summer.

Plastic wasn’t born a metaphor.

I can’t remember the last time I moved.

Waking up surrounded. Waking up mad.

My fur coat left home.

We haven’t yet unearthed our fan death.

Valentine’s day just gets more sinister.

A cloud passed over the moon.

I woke up and didn’t know where I was.

Your jokes were never any good.

The car wants to stay hidden today.

Trains are running slower and slower.

Foreign was invented to forget you.

My hands are turning blue.

Farm animals appear in pictures of my family.

Trees won’t shut up about this day.

Waking up with two hands in the gun safe.

Every color began without a name.

Waking up is an act of habit these days.

Mona Lisa dies. Marilyn died.

Space doesn’t care about the 4th of July.

Every time an airplane passes I feel compelled to beat my wife.

My watch keeps lying.

The bomb is making up its mind.

We all wake up drunk to whispers.

Doors open and refuse to close.

Sometimes we don’t wake up at all.

Children playing in gasoline puddles.

Find a place to hide.

Mr. Johnson disappeared.

Waking up down.

Candles won’t stay lit.

Fish disappear from aquariums.

You need to run away if this starts.

Woken up by a noise you didn’t hear

It’s starting to rain.

Occasionally someone forgets how.

This isn’t serious blood.

Lizards don’t remember Vietnam.

The marching band plays louder to stay afloat.

Woke up once and it already happened.

This state is another world.

The word “it” was invented by the government to keep us straight.

She woke up as somebody else.

All the dogs ran away last night. Maybe they’re onto something.

Asphalt swallowed city bu. Victims plead guilty.

Go swimming while you can.

What if we all  woke up at the same time?



Waking up is a privilege.

Waking up is a dying art.

Waking up got lost along the way.

Waking up wears cotton panties

Waking up took a long train east

and fell asleep with a magazine in its lap.


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