February 12th, 2017: Flickering on the tracks, I [poetry]

Flickering on the tracks, I

Observe the cold steel ribbons my

Chest is closing fast soft

Darkened eyes and stone lungs I go

Too cold to stay here watching ice, visions

Melt away my arms are stiff

Hard water wipes me off, bad stomach

Under luckless stars I’m

Only walking away.


Sharp eyes approach like stars this

Monolith of the void drives forward

I’m shaking to breathe heavy smoke that’s

Tomorrow burning off I’ll

Disappear now ruined inside the engineer

Will see me gone I’m no

Dream I won’t fly away.


Twilight tastes like rust

Burning the trees are

My shadows or

Feather dressed goal keepers

Jagged bent over pondering

And silent old again

Whispering this bloody momentum


Once more I’ll stay

This time I’ll go I

Won’t be anywhere after this The World

Lost past the press of rushing water

Hemorrhage Will anybody see I

Fed my fish my daughter

Will find her own path

Not this end with

Cold fingers and wincing


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