December 27th, 2016: Drinking Water, Locking Doors

There is an exploratory sense to this piece and yet it returns to the same idea for a thoughtful presence, I think. I expect this to be my last electronic release of the year, barring a collaborative work. Certainly I will keep working, everyday and onward.

This year has been a very interesting time for my work and growth generally. It excites me to imagine what new routes I may find in the next 365. I began this long period in a completely different space and wish mostly that i still had evidence of that older work. Alas it is all gone with the hard drive earlier this month. All I have left is to move forward and explore, the same as ever.

For January and the year to follow I hold a great many more ideas in my sleeves. I smile to think I will bring them all out in turn, fleshed and fully realized.


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